The theme of ‘BE A BEAR’ is all about encouraging children to get outside and to learn through play, the best type of learning for 4-9 year olds. ‘BE A BEAR’ encourages children’s imagination and performance skills with each card giving a simple bear related activity accompanied by a fact. The cards are now more than just a collectible, but a device which brings children together, either outside in the playground or at home with loved ones. BEAR already associates itself with The Wildlife Trusts and believes in ‘getting little cubs back into nature.’

The front of the card has an illustration of a bear doing an activity that the child has to copy. Having a simple illustration appeals more to the younger target audience of BEAR yoyos. The back of the card has 3 steps that are illustrated for the child to take in order to achieve that activity, as well as a fact that relates to it. The cards can be taken quite literally of what a bear actually does, for example ‘growl like a bear’. They can also be adapted to a child, for example ‘eat some honey’ directs the child to apply the honey to some toast.

The packaging is just as immersive as the cards. Each flavour has a different bear mask on the front so the children can not only be a bear but look like one too. The front of the packaging is designed to stand out on the crowded supermarket shelf with the use of the big bear mask, but it still uses BEAR’s visual identity. A fun touch I have added is to have the bears eyes looking in different directions so when they are lined up on a supermarket shelf the bears appear like they are looking at one another.
Ad Campaign

Throughout the cards and the packaging there has been an advertised social media campaign encouraging parents to take pictures of their children and upload them to Instagram tagging @bearnibbles. This would help BEAR’s social media presence and perpetuate an ad campaign that uses real children being bears. The use of the masks from the packaging also acts as an aid in protecting the child’s privacy.

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