51% of global greenhouse emissions are due to livestock and their byproducts whereas all transportation only contributes to 13%. This number is only going to rise as upcoming countries adopt a more heavily meat and dairy Western diet. In order to stop global warming, an obesity epidemic and the mistreatment of animals we need to change our behaviour towards food.


Design an app that creates a 'climate change diet' meal planner specially designed for the users needs. Expand its services online using a Google Chrome extension.

The name Root reflects food, root is the base of a plant and ultimately the app is trying to promote a plant based diet because it is the most environmentally friendly. Root is all about getting down the root cause of climate change. The infinity symbol connotes the sustainability of the climate change diet. The design is clean, pure and simple so it can translate well onto the app and many other platforms.

App Design

To help the population achieve a climate change diet Root has created a meal planner app that takes into consideration: your location, how many people you shop for, how much money you have to spend on your shop and how environmentally friendly you want to be.

The app is very clean and simple which makes a difficult subject seem manageable. The colour palette of mostly green and white to symbolise organic and purity. However, when the user does click on an icon it will turn yellow which compliments the green and reinforces positive behaviour. Once you have signed up to the app it will calculate your shopping list, which meals you’re having on what days and also recipes on how to cook those meals. 

The app is as easy as possible because if people are going to change their diets and way of living it needs to be calculated for them and ready to go because changing your diet is a huge life change. 

This app would be aimed 18+ male or female online shoppers that care about the environment. I also feel it would also hit the market of busy mothers with not a lot of time to meal plan or visit a supermarket and want the best for their children and the planet.

Google Chrome Extension

To accompany the app is a Google Chrome extension which consumers use online to try and find the most environmentally friendly products. It works by indicating what products are eco-friendly and which products are not on your usual online food stores. Similar to the app sign up process Root asks you questions of what you want from your food shop and how environmentally friendly you want to be. If a product isn’t suitable then Root will offer similar substitutes for those items.
Ad Campaign

The ad campaign is very simple and clean just like the rest of Root’s design. The main imagery is of the world map on food because incorporates the brands aims of a climate change diet. The images on the posters draws the viewer in with added facts to further educate them on the matter. The posters focus on the four main issues to do with food and climate change; animal agriculture, organic farming, food wastage and food miles.

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